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Current Offerings

Having a regular practice of mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, and yoga has countless advantages for your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. From increased focus and resilience to heightened flexibility and strengthened muscular engagement, you will start to see improvements in your overall well-being over time.


Take a look at the classes and offerings I teach throughout the week to see what best fits your goals, schedules, and lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!


Private Lessons

1:1 lessons allow you to dive deeper into a yoga practice that's uniquely tailored to your individual goals, needs, and schedule.


The focus is on alignment, breath, and inward connection with a special emphasis on proper technique to help you reconnect and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Group Classes

My classes integrate yoga asana, biomechanics, breathwork, and mindfulness

Let's move together on the mat in the hot rooms of:

PureFire Yoga

Rising Sol Yoga School

Community Retreats

Let's work to improve overall well-being within residential communities. 

We will collaborate together to develop meaningful community engagement programs centered around the health and wellness of your community. Let's foster happier, healthier relationships together!

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