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Group Classes

Our practice together will be a blend of yoga asana, biomechanics, breathwork, and mindfulness as part of my teaching philosophy. Share the group energy with your fellow yogis!

You can find me in the hot room at:


Weekly Schedule



7:30 am | 26/2

9:00 am | Hybrid

PureFire Yoga


6:00 pm | Hybrid

7:15 pm | Restore

PureFire Yoga



4:30 pm | Hybrid

6:00 pm | Restore

PureFire Yoga


9:30 am |  26/2

12:00 pm | Hot Vinyasa 

Rising Sol Yoga School

7:30 am | Hybrid
9:00 am | 26/2

PureFire Yoga

12:00 pm | Hot Vinyasa 

Rising Sol Yoga School

"Christina's class has come to be one of my favorites. She provides excellent cues for micro adjustments in postures. Also, I feel like I can backbend deeper in her classes which seems like a small win for this stiff lady!"

Susan H.

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