Private Lessons

1:1 lessons allow you to dive deeper into a yoga practice that's uniquely tailored to your goals, needs, and schedule.


The focus is on alignment and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you are working with an injury, looking to unpack particular asanas, or wish deepen practice — private and small group lessons are a great way to begin the inward connection!

Private lessons are offered in person (for students in the DC Metro Area*) and virtually via Zoom.

*Travel fees may apply based on mileage.


  • 60-min private lesson (for individuals): $125​​

  • 60-min small group lesson (for 2-5 students): $180

  • 75-min private lesson (for individuals): $133

  • 75-min small group lesson (for 2-5 students): $195

Why invest in private lessons?

Are you...

  • New to yoga and just don't know where to start?

  • Working with injuries, surgeries, pains, or conditions?

  • Looking to get personalized modifications and adjustments uniquely catered for you?

Investing in private yoga classes are a great way to invest in yourself and prioritize your well-being.


Working together, we can maximize the results of your personal goals and deepen your relationship with yourself and your practice - on and off the mat!

Let's Connect!

Exploring our inner worlds of consciousness has brought me so much joy, comfort, and solace. If you have any inquiries regarding my offerings, please feel free to contact me. I am always open to connection and answering any questions.

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