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made to order sourdough bread

Larry, our levain, is a real SOUR dough starter and the star of the show. He blows big bubbles and is very active. He was born and raised in the foothills of California (the real gold rush area) and has traveled out of the foothills to the DC Metro Area!

dough bb was born to bring community together - breaking bread and deeply connecting with each other.


Sourdough is Better for You

Did you know - wheat that's been fermented for over 8 hours digests differently?


Turns out wheat is filled with vital nutrients, but also has a few components which benefit from being fermented and neutralized. If you wish you could eat bread like our ancestors did, this is your opportunity to!

The bread we make is made with the best flour we can source and contains no artificial anything. Our base and classic sourdough is made of Flour, Water, and Salt.


With the right knowledge and intention it is completely possible to make bread that benefits the community. 

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